This course is an introductory class to the field of culinary arts. You will explore careers in the culinary field, master measuring techniques, tools and equipment, while using proper safety and sanitation quidelines. The student will apply food preparation skills used at the pantry station, hot station, bake station amd include fast food techniques. The student will design a menu and do a cost analysis of the food items.

This course prepares  the students for independent living and family management.  The family is discussed and how it survives in the changing global community.  The course concentrates on the financial and resource management aspect of family management.  We do projects on wedding planning, buying a car, use of credit cards, insurance and other projects related to managing a family.

Topic outline

  • This is a class for the student who is interested in the world of fashion and wants to develop basic sewing skills and techniques. The course begins with a background on fashion and textile history.  It then continues with the practical use of the sewing equipment. Students are required to purchase materials for at least 2 sewing projects. the first project will be for charity , following project(s) will be for personal use.

Grade 11-12 This course is a cultural world travel through food. We study global locations such as Latin America, Europe, the Mediterranean, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and prepare foods special to those areas. We also focus on Regional United States foods as well. Recommended pre-requisite –Nutrition I

Nutrition I is a introduction to Nutrition , meal customs and using basic pyramid groups in food preparation.

The study of Nutrition II builds on the culinary basics study from Nutrition I. Units of study include Fruits and vegetable, salads, soups, sandwiches, beverages, cakes, yeast and quick breads, pies and pastries and the use of convenience foods. This course includes a unit of meal planning principles and shopping strategies. Nutrition II concludes with full course dinners covering units on beef, pork, poultry and fish/seafood. Prerequisite: Nutrition I