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    Student Heath Force is currently unavailable - move directly to the sports reports!!!

    • Topic 1

      You have been assigned to this course by your fitness teacher because you have a doctor's note to be excused from fitness for a period of time.  After reading these directions move to the next block to beign.

      Each day you are to report to your fitness teacher for a pass to the library.  You may not go directly to the library unless prior arrangements have been made because of your injury.

      Notes: If your doctor's note has an end date you return to regular class the next day.  Ex your note says excused from 12/1- 12/4, your have regular class on 12/5.

      If your note does not have an end date you must get ANOTHER NOTE to return to regular class.  EX  your note says "excused until further notice".

      • Topic 3

        Sports Reports

        When you have completed all of the Student Health Force Worksheets you move on to Sports Reports.  Each report is worth two class periods.  Use the link below to see what is to be covered in each report.  Reports can be submitted as googledocs to your teacher or handed in as hard copies.  Ask your teacher which way they want you to turn them in.

      • Topic 4

        If you are not familiar with using Googledocs open this link for instructions.