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  • General

     Welcome to the 2015-2016 school
    year! I would like to welcome
    you all to Room 117!  I am so
    excited about teaching your

    (717) 548-2742



    • Computer Lab


      1. Xtra Math:

      2. Raz Kids

      Teacher name: olindo

      Password: Your lunch number


      1. Xtra Math:

      2. Compass Odyssey

      Click on odyssey picture on the screen


      • Topic 2



        Day 1: Book Exchange


        Day 2: Music


        Day 3: Gym

        (Wear sneakers!)


        Day 4: Library


        Day 5: Art

        • Topic 3




          Scholastic Book Orders- I love books!  Scholastic does a GREAT job of keeping the most interesting, age-appropriate, and popular books right at our fingertips! 
          I will organize an order each month. 
          Visit the Scholastic site: 
          Our class activation code is: LNWFD

          • WEBSITES


            TUMBLE BOOKS:


            Log in for free with your Lancaster County library card, then click on "Tumble Books" TumbleBooks are created by taking existing story books, adding animation, sound, music and narration to produce an electronic (e-book) story book. TumbleBooks will help teach kids the joy of reading in a format they'll love!


             Username: olindo    Password: Student's Lunch Number



            Login for free with your Lancaster County library card, then click on K-12 Student Center is designed for students of all ages and levels to get one-to-one tutoring and homework help. Students work one-on-one with certified tutors on homework

            Access to hundreds of books in an online library


            WE GIVE BOOKS

            Access to hundreds of online books 


            Access to many read aloud texts



            Math Fact Practice

            X-Tra Math

            Basic fact practice to help develop speed and accuracy



            Games to practice basic facts


            • Homework

              Homework- On Mondays students will receive a weekly HW packet. This HW packet is  not due until the following FRIDAY morning. Students can keep the packet at home and work on it throughout the week at the time that is most convenient for your family.

              ***I highly suggest sitting down with your student on Monday and writing down what day of the week each page will be completed, so that they don’t leave all of the work until Thursday night! I choose to give homework in packet form because it teaches time management and responsibility. It also allows for a bit more flexibility for those busy after school schedules! 

              ***Homework will usually include spelling practice 
              (Tests are on Fridays) and math review/practice. 

              ***The HW packet will also have a reading log inside each week. This is what I consider the MOST important homework….daily reading! 

              ***Students should be reading daily for 20 minutes Mon-Thurs night. First, they must re-read the daily book I send home from their reading group. (Mon/Tues Re-read Book 1, Wed/Thurs Re-read Book 2) If they finish that before the 20 minutes are up, they may use the rest of the time to read a free choice book. Please SIGN the reading log each day. I will check the log on Friday when they turn in the packet; it does not need to come in daily.  

              ***Homework will take longer in 3rd grade, however your child should not be doing more than 30 minutes. You should not be battling with your child every night. If they have put their 30 minutes in each night, but at the end of the week did not complete their packet, please just leave me a parent note on the front of their packet and it will be accepted as complete.

              ***I check HW every weekend and give students points for completion and quality. (Not correctness!!! I will fix incorrect work with students one-on-one).

              ***Students who do not do their HW will be expected to stay in during Recess. We have a 3rd grade Study Hall that they will sit in until their work is complete. 

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