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    Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus - Miss Bacon

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      • Unit 1

        Right Triangle Trig (Ch 1)

        Essential Question:  How can the definitions of the trigonometric functions be used to solve for missing parts of a right triangle?

        Word Wall: Trigonometry, Complementary, Supplementary, Theta, Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Pythagorean Theorem, Special Right Triangles, Similar Triangles, Sine, Cosine, Tangent, Cosecant, Secant, Cotangent, Hypotenuse, Opposite, Adjacent, Cofunctions, Decimal Degrees, Degrees/Minutes/Sec, Inverse function, Angle of Elevation, Angle of Depression

      • Unit 2

        Vectors (Ch 7)

        Essential Question:   How can vectors be used to model applications in the physical world?

        Word Wall: Vector, Magnitude, Direction, Directed Line Segment, Initial Point, Terminal Point, Scalar, Position Vector, Components, Unit Vector, Velocity Vector, Force Vector, Dot Product, Orthogonal

      • Unit 3

        Radian Measure and the Unit Circle (Ch 2&3)

        Essential Question: How are radians and degrees related and what is their relationship to the unit circle?

        Word Wall: Quadrants, Standard Position, Initial Side, Terminal Side, Coterminal Angles, Quadrantal Angle, Reference Angle, Reference Right Triangle, Unit Circle, Central Angle, Degrees, Radians, Arc, Arc Length, Circular Sector, Area of a Circular Sector, Velocity, Speed, Linear Speed, Angular Speed

      • Unit 4

        Trigonometric Graphs and Modeling (Ch 4)

        Essential Question:  How can the graphs of trigonometric functions be transformed and used to model data?

        Word Wall: Periodic Function, Sinusoidal Function, Period, Amplitude, Vertical Shift, Horizontal (Phase) Shift, Regression

      • Unit 5

        Non-Right Triangle Trig (Ch 7)

        Essential Question:  How do you solve for missing sides and angles in a non-right triangle?

        Word Wall: Law of Sines ,Law of Cosines, AAS, ASA, SAS, AAA, SSS, SSA, Ambiguous Case

      • Unit 6

        Trig Identities and Equations (Ch 2/5/6)

        Essential Question:   How can trigonometric identities be used to algebraically manipulate and solve trigonometric equations?

        Word Wall: Reciprocal Identities, Quotient Identities, Pythagorean Identities, Even-Odd Identities, Identity, Conditional Equation, Contradiction, Double-Angle Identities, U-substitution

      • Unit 7


        Essential Question:  How do you use truth tables to determine the validity of a statement?

        Word Wall: Logic, Negation, Conjunction, Disjunction, And, Or, Truth tables, Conditional, Hypothesis (Antecedent), Conclusion (Consequent), Inverse, Converse, Contrapositive, Compound Statement, Biconditional, Tautology, Contradiction, Logical Equivalence

      • Unit 8


        Essential Question: Why should everyone have at least a basic knowledge of statistics?

        Word Wall: Statistics, Data, Variable, Probability Distribution, Graph Baseline, Graph Scale, Qualitative Data, Quantitative Data, Stem & Leaf Plot, Dot Plot, Histogram, Bar Graph, Pie Chart, Population, Sampling, Convenience Sample, Random Sample, Stratified Sample, Measures of Central Tendency, Mean, Median, Mode, Box and Whisker Plot, Minimum, Maximum, Range, Lower Quartile, Upper Quartile, Interquartile Range, Outlier, Extreme Outlier, Percentile, Standard Deviation, Variance, Sigma Notation, Normal Distribution, Standard Normal Curve

      • Unit 9


        Essential Question: How do we use the probability in events to predict outcomes?

        Word Wall: Multiplication Counting Principle, Tree Diagram, Permutation, Combination, Factorial, Probability, Relative Frequency, Event, Outcome, Sample Space, Complement of an Event, Odds, Theoretical vs. Experimental, Compound Events, Dependent Events, Independent Events, Union, Intersection, Mutually Exclusive Events, Mutually Inclusive Events, Conditional Probability, Dichotomous Events

      • Unit 10

        Powers and Roots

        Essential Question:  How can we simplify radical expressions and solve radical equations?

        Word Wall: Properties of Exponents, Nth Root, Radical Expression, Radicand, Index, Principal Root, Rationalize the Denominator, Like Radicals, Rational Exponent, Radical Equation, Function Operations, Inverse Functions, Composite Functions

      • Unit 11

        Exponentials and Logarithms

        Essential Question:  How do we show the relationship between exponentials and logarithms algebraically and graphically?

        Word Wall: exponential functions, growth, decay, asymptote, simple interest, compound interest, continuous compounding, logarithmic functions, e, common logarithm, natural logarithm

      • Unit 12

        Limits and Continuity

        Essential Question:  What is the relationship between limits and the continuity of a function?

        Word Wall: limit, direct substitution, one- sided limit, hole, vertical asymptote, horizontal asymptote, discontinuous, continuous, removable discontinuity, nonremovable discontinuity, piece-wise function, step function, jump discontinuity, average rate of change, instantaneous rate of change, derivative

      • Unit 13

        Conic Sections

        Essential Question: How are the 4 conic sections similar and different in both their graphs and their equations?

        Word Wall: Conic Section, Circle, Ellipse, Parabola, Hyperbola, Distance, Midpoint, Horizontal, Vertical, Center, Radius, Diameter, Vertex, Vertices, Focus, Foci, Axis, Directrix, Major Axis, Minor Axis, Asymptotes