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    Get the FACS for Life

    Welcome to the Solanco High School FACS Department. The FACS courses are for students in grade 9-12.  Our department is located in rooms 141, 143 of the Technology Wing downstairs in the high school.

    •  The mission statement of the Solanco Family and Consumer Science Department is to prepare the students for the changing roles that they will experience and help them become productive members of society.

    • The Pennsylvania State Education Department has accepted standards for Family and Consumer Science .  They are one of the nine academic areas identified by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

    • Department Grading:  50% of the grade is test, quizzes and major projects,  40% of the grade is class work, worksheets, labs, and participation,  10% of the grade is homework.

    • Teachers: Mrs. Konon and Mrs. Ward.  High school phone number -786-2151.

    Family and Consumer Science:  “ We are the Source and Voice for Strong Families”.


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      Family Management
      This course prepares  the students for independent living and family management.  The family is discussed and how it survives in the changing global community.  The course concentrates on the financial and resource management aspect of family management.  We do projects on wedding planning, buying a car, use of credit cards, insurance and other projects related to managing a family.
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        Nutrition I
        The study of basic nutrition and the importance of eating nutritious meals is the focus of the course. It includes a unit on diet analysis using the computer. Other units of study include methods of preparing breakfast and preparing dairy foods, eggs, grain products, canning and freezing; table setting and etiquette; and preparing  candies and cookies.

        • Topic 3

          Nutrition II
          The study of Nutrition II builds on the culinary basics study from Nutrition I. Units of study include Fruits and vegetable, salads, soups, sandwiches, beverages, cakes, yeast and quick breads, pies and pastries and the use of convenience foods. This course includes a unit of meal planning principles and shopping strategies. Nutrition II concludes with full course dinners covering units on beef, pork, poultry and fish/seafood. Prerequisite: Nutrition I
          • Topic 4

            Foreign Foods

            This course is a cultural travel of the world through food.  We study locations such as Latin America, Europe, the Mediterranean, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and we prepare foods special to those areas.  We  focus on Regional United States cuisine as well.   Prerequisite: Nutrition

            • Topic 5

              Culinary Arts
              This course introduces students to the career of the culinary trades. Students will study the various aspects of the food preparation industry through classroom and lab work. There will also be emphasis on creativity in food preparation. This course is recommended for any student interested in a career in the culinary trades. Prerequisite: Nutrition I and II