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  • Mr. Mellinger's Physical Education Page

    Welcome to Mr. Mellinger's Physical Education page! On this page you will find my teaching schedule, as well as a Symbaloo Page that includes resources that will help you in leading a healthy and physically active lifestyle. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to ask me in person or email me at

    My Schedule:

    Cycle Day 3: Bart-Colerain

    • Mrs. Schmitt (3rd Grade)
    • Miss Byerly (Extended Day Kindergarten)
    • Mrs. Dauber (2nd Grade)
    • Mrs. Argue (2nd Grade)
    • Mrs. Evans (1st Grade)
    • Mrs. Nolan (1st Grade)

    Cycle Day 5: Providence

    • Mrs. Campbell (5th Grade)
    • Mrs. Frick (2nd Grade)
    • Mrs. Burkhart (3rd Grade)
    • Mrs. Davies (4th Grade)
    • Mrs. Fox (1st Grade)

    REMINDER: Please remember to wear your sneakers on the days that you have PE! 

    • Mr. Mellinger's Symbaloo Page