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    Welcome to Mrs. Burkhart's 3rd Grade Classroom!

    Welcome to Mrs. Burkhart's Third Grade Classroom.

      Third grade is a transitional year of learning.  Students make the transition from the primary grade expectations to intermediate grade expectations.  Students begin to accept more responsibility to be an independent learner.  Responsibility of completing and returning homework is an essential quality of a third grader. Learning cursive , multiplication and division as well as becoming a better reader are highlights of the third grade curriculum. 

    If you have any questions, please contact me at: 

    Providence Elementary   786-3582


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      Classroom Schedule:

      Computer Lab - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

      Reading Clinic - Monday- Friday

      Math Clinic - Tuesday and Thursday

      Lunch - 12:15-12:45 each day

      Special Area Classes:

      Monday -Physical Education

      Wednesday - Music

      Thursday - Library

      Friday - Art

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        Daily Homework Assignments:

        1.  Read 15 minutes

        2.  Study spelling words

        3.  Practice addition, subtraction or multiplication flashcards

        3.  A worksheet review reading, math, cursive, or social studies concepts

              The worksheets will only be given Tuesday - Thursday

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