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    My name is Mindy Daubert. I am the
    Title 1 Reading Specialist for
    kindergarten and first grade at
    Clermont Elementary School.
    My vision is for every child to
    think of themselves as a reader and writer,
    to understand the value of being
    able to read and to enjoy reading and writing!

    Teaching is my favorite hobby

    as well as my career.
    I have a mug which sums it up -
    "Life is simple: eat, sleep, teach."
    I love this age group and their enthusiasm
    about everything new.

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      I primarily work with the kindergarten and first grade teachers at Clermont Elementary School.

      I work with the students at all grade levels, in small groups and individually.

      This website was designed to communicate with the children in these classes and their families.

      Thank you for visiting my website.


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