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    Welcome to Mrs. Terry's Music Class

    Mrs_TerryThank you for visiting Clermont's Virtual Music Classroom.  I hope you will find information about what students are learning and doing in music class, as well as information about other music activities going on in our school.


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      Music Classroom Expectations

      • Respect others --- instruments and yourself
      • Use your listening ears
      • Keep your own space
      • Be a good audience during performances
      • Play the instruments when asked
      • Sing in your best voice when everyone sings
      • Enjoy and appreciate music
      • Topic 2


        5th Grade                              Tuba

        Fifth grade is currently working on learning a new rhythmic note, sixteenth notes. 

                Musictitle                         4th Grade

        Fourth grade students have taken the Selmer Aptitude Survey in music class.  This survey will help determine what musical ability students have and help in making a decision about starting an instrument this year.  Students will soon looking at different instruments, hearing their sounds, and making a decision about whether or not they want to make the commitment to play an instrument. 

        3rd Grade                            anistaff

         Third grade students are very excited because they will be learning about the String Family.  The third grade students have an opportunity to take lessons on violin, viola, or cello this year.  They are also excited because our wonderful P.T.O. has purchased each one of them a recorder to use in the general music classroom.  We are anxiously awaiting their arrival to start playing! 

        notes4                                        2nd Grade

        Students in second grade are reviewing rhythm and seeing the connection of rhythm to language and syllables by using fruits and vegetable names.

               1st Grade                                 litlnote    

         First grade students are reviewing rhythms from last year and learning a new rhythmic note, an eighth note (or as we call them right now, ti-ti).

                     sing                                 Kindergarten

        Students in Kindergarten are adjusting real well to coming to the music room and get excited to "Come let's have some fun".  We are continuing our practice of keeping a steady beat, moving it now to our feet and marching to a steady beat.  Also, we are starting to learn about the different voices we have and how to use them all (including that special instrument that goes with everyone all the time, their singing voice)!


        • Topic 3

              Clef                    FIFTH GRADE CHORUS...


          IS UNDERWAY!

           A good group of 5th grade students are now involved with Chorus and meeting in the music room every Friday afternoons from 2:15-3:00.   

          We have already begun working on our songs for the December concert.

          Again this year we will be using the talents of the students and letting them play the instruments and do the singing.  It will prove to be a challenge for all but will be FABULOUS come December!

          PARENTS:  Please keep in mind when Chorus meets during the school day and try not to pull students out for appointments during that time.  It is VERY important to have everyone at rehearsals since this is a group ensemble and everyone is working together to make it GREAT!  THANK YOU for your understanding and cooperation.

          NOW...LET'S GO SING!

          • Topic 4

            INSTRUMENTAL LESSONS                Fluteplayer

            Attention 4th grade students:  This is the year you have all been waiting for...the chance to learn how to play an instrument.  Now, before you get really excited there are a few things you must know...

             Instrumental Starter Program. 

            1.)    Selmer Music Aptitude test administered to all 4th grade students

            2.)    Evaluation of test scores and recommendation made

            3.)    Recommended students bring form home; parental decision and return of form indicating interest and instrumental preferences.

            4.)    *Instrumental Starter Night – Solanco High School Auditorium, 7:00pm, Tuesday, October 10, 2006

            5.)    Lessons will begin approximately two weeks after instrumental night is held.  STUDENTS BRING INSTRUMENT AND REQUIRED INSTRUCTION BOOK.  Trial lessons would be given once a week for three months during the school day.

            6.)    Evaluation of student progress at end of three month period to allow adequate time to decide if the student should continue without overrunning the normal rental period.

            Once you have started the program and have had a lesson with Mrs. Terry or Mr. Croyle, please remember the following:

            • PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE! At least 25-30 minutes every night.
            • Record your practice time every night in your lesson book.  Parents should initial the recorded practice time in the lesson book the night before the student's lesson day.
            • Try your best.  Practice makes perfect!


            • Topic 5

              Music Class of the Week

              How do you get to be Music Class of the Week?

              At the end of music class, the entire class is assessed on four different categories:




              Music Skills

              Each music class can earn up to 12 points, 3 for each category.  They can also earn an extra point if the stop light stays on green or other mentionable accomplishments during class.

              The music class in each grade level that has the most points for the week earns Music Class of the Week.


              What do you get when you are Music Class of the Week?

              Music classes of the week are awarded a HUGE music note to be displayed outside of their classroom for the entire school community to see.




              • Topic 6

                Music Classes of the Week are . . .

                Week of 9/25-9/29

                KindergartenMrs. Herzog
                First Grade & MultiageMrs. Daubert
                Second Grade Mrs. Karlow
                Third GradeMr. Texter
                Fourth GradeMrs. Bollinger
                Fifth GradeMiss Noll