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    Welcome to 8th Grade Algebra!

    Welcome to the Swift Algebra web site.  On this site, you will find links to the powerpoint presentations used to present lessons in class as well as the blank noteguides you can print out to takes notes on while viewing the presentations.  You can also find links to all of the daily HoffmaSheets (homework worksheets).

    It is my intention to make this site a major form of communication between school and home. I hope it is an improvement to "phone tag" that we frequently have because you, the parents, are working too.

    Email works best, my address is: 

    If you are having difficulty playing the PowerPoint presentations, a viewer is available free from Microsoft at this Website. Click the link below and follow the directions on the site to install.

    NOTE: clicking this link will take you off the Solanco Moodle Web Site

    Many students ask, "why do we have to study this stuff?" People use algebra everyday! A quick read of this web page may help explain how and why.