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    Welcome to Mrs. Griest's 5th Grade Classroom

    Welcome to our classroom! Our class is a hands-on learning environment where we do a lot of collaborative pairs activities in our base groups. Each of us strive to go above and beyond the goals of a sophisticated learner. We are a classroom family that has fun learning together everyday. Continue viewing our web page to find out all the fun and exciting things we do.

    5th Graders R.O.A.R.

    Respect, Organization, Attitude, & Responsibility

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      Classroom Rules

      1. Be prepared, follow directions the first time.

      2. Be an active learner.

      3. Be Safe

      4. Be respectful of yourself and others.

      5. Follow all school and bus rules.

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        Homework Policy

        We have homework every night. Each night your child is required to read 20 minutes from an accelerated reader book to help them reach their AR goal. Students will have spelling homework Monday through Thursday evenings. Spelling tests are always given on Friday's. Almost every night they will have math. Each child has an agenda book to write their assignments down everyday.Classroom helpers check homework every morning. When a student misses an assignment they will miss one recess. When a student misses 3 assignments they will receive a Clermont Action plan. This is in hopes they will understand the importance of completing homework, and get back on track.

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          Each student has an agenda book which is a great way to relay any notes to me.Please remind your child to show me their agenda book in the morning if there is a note from you. I will also write letters in their agenda book myself from time to time. However, if there is something you would rather write privately, please feel free to contact me through email at I check my emails throughout the day so this is a fast way to reach me. Also, you can call the school at 548-2742. If I am not with the class I will be more than happy to take your call. A great time to reach me by phone is first thing in the morning from 8:00-8:50 a.m. and at the end of the school day. Communication is very important in helping your child be successful. When we work together as a team your child's success is unbeatable. Those students who receive additional support at home achieve far beyond those who do not.

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            Homework for the week of: December 14

            Christmas Spelling Word List- Test on Friday.
            Monday- write each word 3 times each
            Tuesday-ABC order
            Wednesday- Wednesday Choice
            Thursday- study for test

            Math: Wednesday and Thursday : Greatest Common Factor and Least Common Multiple Packet due on Friday
            On Thursday we will complete a review packet, students should use this to study for the test on Friday.

            Social Studies (Thursday) Name The States Crossword Puzzle

            Read Every night 20 minutes

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              Fifth Grade Happenings

              Thank you to all fifth grade parents who supplied the yummy treats for our Valentine's Party!

              Looking Ahead....
              Friday, February 24 we have What in the World 1:30-3:30: students will have the opportunity to learn about various careers from guest speakers.

              Wednesday, February 29 is Spring Picture Day

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                Mrs. Griest's Social Studies Website

                Here are a few websites and resources that will help you throughout the year in Social Studies.

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                Geometry Spelling Words Test 2/3
                1. edge
                2. vertices
                3. acute angle
                4. right angle
                5. obtuse angle
                6. parallel lines
                7. perpendicular lines
                8. point
                9. ray
                10. line
                11. line segment
                12. symmetry
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