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    big grin Hi there, thanks for visiting my Teacher Page! My name is Kate Karlow. I have been a teacher at Clermont for 17 years. In our classroom we work together as a community to help each other become responsible citizens and life long learners.

    I enjoy playing tennis, reading, and visiting the beach.

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      Class Rules

      It is our responsibility to:
      1. Respect property and the feelings of others.
      2. Treat others with kindness.
      3. Be responsible for the learning and safety of everyone in our school.
      4. Show courage to make good choices.

      Our Goal: We will respect and help each other while learning together.

      We are striving to be responsible, respectful, kind, and courageous citizens.

      • Topic 2


             ***An Assignment Sheet is sent home every Monday to be signed each night during the week and returned daily.***

        15 - 20 minutes of reading each night.
              *A book will be included in your child's homework folder.


        *Parents may help with homework.

        *There is no required homework on Fridays!  Happy weekend!

        • Topic 3

          Special Area Classes Schedule:

          Day 1: Book Exchange
          Day 2: Art
          Day 3: Library Instruction
          Day 4: Music
          Day 5: Phys. Ed. (Wear your sneakers today!)

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            Here are some internet links that support our reading and math curriculum.


            Math & Science:
   (math password - maletsky) (science password - jones)
   (math fact practice)

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