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     smileWelcome to Mrs. Bear's Third Grade Classsmile

    Greetings from Room 209! I am looking forward to an exciting 2006-2007 school year.  I hope you will find Third Grade to be a fun experience and learn a lot at the same time.  I would like to introduce myself to you and then provide you with some important classroom and school information. 

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      Hi! My name is Mrs. Andrea Bear.  I live in Lititz, Pennsylvania with my husband Dave and our son Matthew.  I have been teaching at Quarryville Elementary for 7 years.  I look forward to spending the year getting to know you and your child.  In my spare time I enjoy spending time outdoors, reading, and socializing with family and friends. 

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        Mrs. Bear's Philosophy of Education

        It is my goal to provide my students with a safe, caring learning environment that will encourage them to take an active role in their own learning. I will try to reach different types of learners through the use of various teaching strategies. I will provide students with opportunities to work as a class, in small groups, with partners, and independently. I want each student to realize his or her own potential and then use it to do his or her personal best.


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          Each student has his or her own Agenda. Each day we will take the time to write our homework assignments in it as well as any important reminders. I ask that you review your child's Agenda on a daily basis and then sign or initial it to let me know that you have seen your child's assignments. The Agenda is also a nice place for you or I to write notes to each other. Your child's HomeworkFolder is red and it has both a home and school side. Homework assignments should be in this folder when your child comes home.

          On Wednesdays your child will bring home his or her Wednesday Folder. This folder will contain all of your child's work from the previous week. I ask that you review the work with your child and help him or her fix anything marked FIX of FINISH. Then sign the folder and have your child return it to me by the following Monday.

          The Bear Essentials is our monthly classroom newsletter. It will provide you with information about what we are learning and other important school news. I will send a hard copy home each month and you can view it online by clicking on The Bear Essentials link on the Parent Page.

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            Classroom Rules

            1.  Respect others and their property.

            2.  Follow directions the first time they are given.

            3.  Raise your hand to speak.

            4.  Do your personal best.

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              Our Special Schedule

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              Mondays:  Mrs. Gibson's Reading Lesson

              Tuesdays: Art

              Wednesdays: Library

              Thursdays: Gym and Kindergarten Buddies

              Fridays:  Music

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                You can check your child's grades by clicking on PowerSchool below.

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                The Bear Essentials  
                Quarryville Elementary   Mrs. Bear     February 2007

                          Happy February! It finally feels like winter, whether we like it or not! About two weeks ago Miss Kim Campbell joined our class.  She is a student teacher from Millersville University.  She will be with us until early May.   Welcome Miss Campbell! We also want to extend a warm welcome to Christen Esposito who joined our class earlier this week.  We are excited to have a new friend join our third grade classroom!
                Just a Glimpse:
                Language Arts:  This month we will continue to read stories from our Incredible Stories Theme.The skills we have been practicing include Fantasy vs. Realism, Following Directions, and Drawing Conclusions.  Yesterday your child brought home his/her February Reading Log.  Keep this log in a safe place at home.  Please indicate the number of minutes read and sign the calendar at the end of the month.  Our goal is at least 10-15 minutes each day.  If your child has a busy night, he/she can make the minutes up on other days.  Any student who reaches this goal will receive a pizza coupon for a free personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut.  Our AR Goal for the third marking period is to earn 20 new points with at least 83% accuracy.  I have set weekly goals to help your child stay on track.  (See below.)  Our spelling words will be words with different vowel patterns this month.  Please look for a new list in your child’s Agenda at the beginning of each week.  Spelling tests will be on Fridays, unless otherwise indicated.  We take a Pretest each week and students who misspell one or less words will receive the Challenge List for that week.  All students spell the Regular List words each week.  The students have been working on finishing their animal reports and will soon begin a writing project around our unit on Puerto Rico.  We will also continue to learn the lowercase, cursive letters.

                AR Weekly Goals:  3 points by 2/9, 6 points by 2/16, 8 points by 2/23, 11 points by 3/2, 14 points by 3/9, 17 points by 3/16, and 20 points by 3/23.  Students who do not meet the weekly goal will read and take tests during their recess.

                Math:  This month we will continue with multiplication and division properties and strategies.  We will also continue to learn about reading, creating, and interpreting various tables, charts, and graphs.  I encourage you to have your child practice his/her basic facts using flashcards on a regular basis.  Today I am sending home a set of flashcards with each student.  Your child should practice them daily.  Please remind your son/daughter to keep them in his/her book bag when they are not in use.  They should go to and from school each day.  These flashcards are for the students to use until the end of the school year.  Have fun practicing them together!

                Social Studies:  We will continue with our study of Puerto Rico.  The kids are learning a lot about the land and culture.  Ask them to share what they have learned with you. 

                Additional Notes:

                • If your child is absent from school, please remember to send a written excuse upon his/her return.
                • Please review your child’s work in his/her Wednesday Folder and help him/her fix anything marked FIX/Finish.  Then sign the folder and return these papers.  All others are for you to keep J.
                • Please remember to check your child’s Agenda and Homework Folder on a daily basis.  Thank you for your continued support!
                • If you have not already signed and returned your child’s report card envelope, please do so as soon as possible.  Thanks!

                Upcoming Activities & Dates:
                February 14th                Valentine’s Day Party (More Info. To Follow)
                February 19th                NO SCHOOL/Teacher In-Service   
                February 27th               Yearbook Orders Due                       

                If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me.,, 786-2546, or 625-3535.  Thanks!

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                  Homework Policy

                  Your child will have homework almost every night, except for Fridays. In most cases written homework should not take longer than 30 minutes. Your child should always attempt homework independently first, and then ask for assistance if he or she needs help. If a homework assignment is confusing or is taking a lot longer than 30 minutes, please initial where your child stopped or write me a note. I will help your child the following school day. Homework that is not completed at home will be completed during Recess the following day.

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