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    Algebra 2

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    The Prentice Hall Algebra 2 textbook is available online at after students sign up during the first few days of school. The login was provided to the students during the first week of school.. 

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    Weekly Assignments

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    • Topic 6

      Chapter 6 Polynomials

      How are polynomials transformed?

      6-1 How does knowing the parent function of polynomials help us?

      HW: 309 1 - 12, 17, 18, 20, 22, 34-42 even

      6-2 How are roots and factors related?

      HW: p. 317 1 - 12, 15 - 27, 41 - 45

      6-3 What methods are available for dividing polynomials?

      HW: p. 324 1 - 8, 27 - 40 (long division)

      p. 324 13 - 22, 52, 54 (synthetic division)

      6-4 What methods are available for solving polynomial equations?

      HW: p. 330 2 - 8 even, 21 - 31, 44 - 48

      6-5 How many types of roots are there and are there methods for finding all of them?

      HW p. 333 and 339


      Polynomial Degree of a Polynomial

      Constant Linear

      Quadratic Cubic

      Quartic Quintic

      Monomial Binomial


      Long Division Synthetic Division

      Rational Root Theorem Remainder Theorem

      Difference of Cubes Sum of Cubes