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    Welcome to Mrs. Appel's Kindergarten class!

    This is my sixth year teaching at Clermont Elementary, and my first year teaching extended day. Teaching kindergarten is truly a wonderful experience. The milestones made by students everyday continue to amaze me. Throughout this year, we will work together to create a classroom full of both social and academic opportunities. I look forward to working with you and your family.

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      Our kindergarten class will journey through many themes in literacy this year. Below is a list of the themes we will be exploring:

      Theme 1 - Look at Us!

      Theme 2 - Colors All Around

      Theme 3 - We're a Family

      Theme 4 - Friends Together

      Theme 5 - Let's Count!

      Theme 6 - Sunshine and Raindrops

      Theme 7 - Wheels Go Around

      Theme 8 - Down on the Farm

      Theme 9 - Spring is Here

      Theme 10 - World of Animals

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        In extended day kindergarten we will be working with a program called Fundations. Each week, I will send home information discussing the current unit and the skills we are working on. Check for this information on Fridays in your child's take home folder.

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          Kindergarteners take part in several special activities during their first year of elementary school. Most days we will be leaving the classroom to take part in these special classes.Every day is gym day except for Day 1.


          Day 1

          Day 2-Title One with Mrs. Daubert

          Day 3

          Day 4 Library (no book exchange)

          Day 5 Speech with Miss Elizabeth


          Day 1- Title One - Mrs. Daubert

          Day 2

          Day 3 Library ( no book exchange)

          Day 4

          Day 5 Speech with Miss Elizabeth

          Please make sure you are wearing sneakers or appropriate shoes on gym days!

          • Topic 4

            Below is a link to Starfall is a fun and interactive way to practice reading skills. Currently, we are learning word families which can be found in level two.

          • Topic 5

            Reminder to Parents!

            Important papers are coming home everyday. It is important to check your child's take-home folder at the end of the day.  A bi-weekly newsletter, The Kindergarten Chronicle will be found in the folder, in addition to student work and other papers from the school.

            • Topic 6

              Contact Mrs. Appel

              Parent-Teacher communication is very important. If at any time you need to reach me, please feel free to do so.


              Phone: Clermont Elementary: 717-548-2742 (Please leave a messge with Mrs. Graver or Mrs. Creasy and I will return your call as soon as possible.)

              • Topic 7


                We do not have homework in Extended Day kindergarten. If there is a special project which requires help from families, I will send information home in the newsletter. Traveling Teddy will be coming home with kindergarteners also. Teddy will stay with families overnight and families will have the opportunity to chronicle their time in our classroom book.