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    American Lit: Mrs. McRobbie



    A place for us to transcend time and grow through literature and composition.


    • Google Classroom

      InĀ  American Literature, you will be using Google classroom. Each student has already been enrolled and/or invited into the course.

      To use Google Classroom, follow these instructions:

      1.) Make sure you are logged into Moodle. Google classroom will not work unless you are logged into Moodle.

      2.) Go to IN A NEW TAB

      3.) Where it says sign in, type your Solanco e-mail address (generally is first name_last name

      4.) Your course will be listed

      To turn in an assignment one it is finished:

      1) Go to the assignment title and click that link.

      2) Click 'Add'. Then pick Google drive (if it was on Google drive. If you used Microsoft Word or another format, click the appropriate response).

      3) Click on the assignment

      4) Hit turn in. It will ask for you to confirm.

      Assignments can also be found in your folder on google drive. The folder says "classroom".

      Please email me immediately if you need assistance:

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        T REXROARDinoWEEE!

        Be a VORACIOUS learner!!
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          Words to Live By

          Gratitude is the best attitude.

          Author Unknown