Topic outline

  • General

    Technical Algebra 3 is a culmination of the technical mathematics program at Solanco HIgh School. Part 2 encompasses topics on models and numerous functions including variation, quadratic, exponential and logarithmic functions. Each unit will also include a lab to reinforce the concept studied. Homework will be required for the class.

  • Homework

    Homework is assigned dailty.  Sometimes homework can be completed during class; other times you will need to complete it at home.  Homework is assigned in your packet.

    • Quadratics

      Unit 1:  Quadratics

      Essential Unit Question:  How are quadratic functions graphed, transformed and solved?

      Essential questions:

      1. How are two binomials multiplied and why is this section in the quadratics unit?

      2.  How are quadratics factored by GCF, difference of squares, easy trinomial method and guess/check method?

      3.  How are quadratics solved by factoring?

      4.  How are quadratics solved by completing the square?

      5.  What are complex numbers?

      6.  How are mathematical operations performed with complex numbers?

      7.  How are quadratics solved by using the quadratic formula?

      8. How are quadratic functions graphed and transformed?