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    Unit 5:  Before-Reading Strategies

    Unit Question:  What before-reading strategies work best for me ?

    1. How can I determine the type of text before I read ?

     Identify the type of text that you are reading (genre)

    2.  How does the type of text affect the previewing strategies I use ?

    Utilize text previewing strategies

    3. How does the author's purpose determine the type of text he/she will create ?

    Identify how an author uses a specific text-type to achieve his/her purpose

    4.  How can determining my purpose for reading help me determine the best strategies to use ?

    Identify why you are reading a text.

    • Topic 6


      Unit Question:  What during reading strategies work best for me ?

      Essential Question:  What strategies will keep me on task as a reader ?

      1. Predict   2.  Visualize  3.  Inference, Draw Conclusions, Generalize

      4.  Connect     5.  Text-Structure  6.  Fix-Ups     7. Question/Wonder

      8.  Interpretation & Analysis

      •  POETRY FORUM: The Oak poem
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      Unit Question:  What are the skills needed to be successful in test taking ?

      Word Wall:  open-ended questions - context clues - synonyms - antonyms -

                           root-words - prefix - suffix

      1.  PSSA Evaluation Criteria          2.  Open-Ended Questions

      3.  Vocabulary Skills                     4.  Study Techniques

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        UNIT 8:  Functional Reading
      • Topic 9

        UNIT 9:  Post-Reading Strategies

        What after-reading strategies will help me to be a better reader ?

        Word Wall

        comprehension     sequence     summary     timeline     main idea    

        supporting details     paraphrase     theme     genre     allegory    

        QAR     Right There     Author and Me     On My Own

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