Topic outline

  • Famous Pennsylvanian Research

    Use these links to help you find out more information about your famous person from PA!

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  • Math

    URLs: 21
  • Writing

    URLs: 6
  • Science

    URLs: 2
  • Math

    URLs: 19
  • Homework

    homeworkStacked Books


    Practice Math Facts (see Math Fact Contract for the week)

    Language Arts

    Study Spelling Words (complete activities from Spelling Contract)

    Read 15 minutes

    Science/Social Studies



    • Every night your child is to read for at least 15 minutes and fill out his/her reading log. Five minutes of that time should be spent reading aloud to help increase oral reading fluency.
    • Click here for Reading Log if you lost or misplaced your reading log this week. (the back may be different, but the front is always the same)

    • A new spelling list will be given every Friday, your child should study the words each night. The students may choose their spelling work for the week from their Spelling Contract. Contract work is due on Friday mornings. Spelling Tests will be on Fridays also!