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    Mrs. Markley's 3rd Grade Class
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      Welcome to Mrs. Markley's class.

      I look forward to a wonderful and productive year working with you and your child! I am excited to begin another year at Clermont.

      Class Rules:

      1. Be prepared

      2. Follow directions the first time

      3. Be respectful of yourself and others

      4. Be an active learner

      5. Follow all school and bus rules

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        Spelling Words

        Spelling words will now be given for one week. Students receive a list and they have also write their spelling words in their agenda.

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          Homework should be completed nightly. Students should be reading for 15 minutes 5 nights per week or a total of 75 minutes per week and turning in their completed and signed reading logs on Mondays.

          Other homework assignments may include:

          - Practicing Math problems

          - Practicing math facts or spelling words with an adult

          - Writing their spelling words 3 times each

          - Using spelling words or vocabulary words in a sentence

          - Studying for upcoming tests

          Students who miss 5 homework assignments will receive an action plan.

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            Communication between home and school is very important. Your child has an agenda that they should be writing down their homework assignments daily. This is a good place to communicate with me as well. If it is more convenient, feel free to email me at or call the school.

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