Topic outline

  • General

    Advanced Composition
    with Mr. Lyon

    This course is aimed at students intent on further developing their composition skills, particularly on focus and style.
    • Topic 1

      Grammar Usage and Refresher

      • Topic 2

        Unit 1: Personal and Expressive Writing

        How does a student use personal and expressive writing to explore significant moments and themes in his life, and consequently communicate his memories, feelings, and ideas?
        • Topic 3

          Unit 2: Observation and Description in Writing -- the interview profile

          How does a writer gather information about objective subjects and then use description to communicate what was learned?

          • Topic 4

            Unit 3: Classification (ch. 4, pages 177ff)

            How is classification used to examine complex subjects in order to reveal patterns and relationships and thereby to communicate a better understanding of the subject?

            • Topic 5

              Unit 4: Analysis (ch 5, pp 145ff)

              How does analysis enable a writer to break a subject into its parts and examine it in terms of its parts thereby producing an informative expository essay?

            • Topic 6

              Unit 5: Synthesis (ch 6, pp175ff)

              How does a writer combine separate pieces of information to arrive at a new conclusion in order to write a synthesis composition?

              • Topic 7

                Unit 6: Persuasion (ch. 7, pp 207-234)

                How does a writer use classification, analysis, and synthesis to stake out a position on an issue and construct a persuasive argument to support it?

                • Topic 8

                  Unit 9: Writing About Literature (ch.8, pp239-255)

                  Unit Question: How does a writer analyze and evaluate a literary work in order to express judgment and build a convincing case for the interpretation?

                  Unit Description: Students will write a formal five paragraph essay that analyzes literary aspects in a short story.

                  • Topic 9

                    • Topic 10