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  • General

    Welcome to English 9 

    Taught by:  Miss Crow

    I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught.  ~Winston Churchill

  • Topic 2

    Are you wondering what you can get away with?  Check it out....
  • Topic 3

    Writing Unit...

         An exploration of narrative, persuasive, and informational writing according to the PSSA standards.

  • Topic 4

    Short Stories...

         Exploration of plot, setting, mood, tone, theme, irony and characterizaion.

  • This topic

    Topic 5

    Non-Fiction Unit...

         This unit is an exploration of the major form of non-fiction.  We will spend time studying memoirs, editorials, news stories, personal essays, speeches and autobiographies.  The focus of this unit is on HOW to read these items and not on studying the content of these items. 

  • Topic 6

    The Research Unit...

    This unit takes students step by step through the process of writing a research paper; choosing a topic, formulating a thesis, researching, organzing, and writing.

  • Topic 7

    To Kill A Mockingbird - Haper Lee

       An exploration of the major elements of fiction, character development and themes.

  • Topic 8

    Romeo and Juliet - William Shakespeare

         An exploration of the character development, plot and theme in the play.

    • Topic 9


           An exploration of the works of various poets, poetic devices, and themes.

      • Topic 10