Topic outline

  • General

    Welcome to Academic Chemistry Part I 

  • Topic 1

    Intro to Chemistry:  Laboratory Equipment and Safety -  Understanding safety procedures in the lab is essential.  The proper name and use of the equipment is needed to move forward in this course.

    • Topic 2

      Chapter 2: Measurement-

      In this unit you will be converting between units, calculating density, determining significant digits, and using scientific notation.

    • Topic 3

      Chapter 1: Matter-

      During this chapter you will learn how to classify matter and identify the types of changes.

      • Topic 4

        Chapter 3:  Atoms-

        During this chapter you will identify the parts of the atom, calculate the average atomic mass of isotopes, and research an element of your choice.

      • Topic 5

        Chapter 4:  Light-

        During this chapter you will be learning how elements produce light and how various properties related to light are calculated.

        • Topic 6

          More on Chapter 4:  Arrangement of Electrons-

          You will be determining the electron configuration, orbital notation, valence electrons and Lewis Dot Structure of various elements.

          • Topic 7

            Chapter 5:  Periodic Table-

            You will be using the periodic table to determine countless properties for the elements.

            • Topic 8

              Chapter 6:  Chemical Bonding-

              In this chapter you will be joining elements together to create bonds using complex illustrations.