Journey Inside

Visit the website, Journey Inside and watch the videos.  Type all answers in the assignment area.  Do not submit your answers until you have completed this assignment in its entirity. 

Lesson 2 - Journey Inside 1 Read the information and Watch video 1 and then explain how a computer is similar to a toaster.

Lesson 3 - Journey Inside 2  Read the information and Watch the second video and then answer the following question:  How was data first input into a computer?

Lesson 4 - Journey Inside 3  Read the information and Watch the third video and answer the following questions:   What is stored in ROM?  What is stored in RAM?

Complete both activities in Lesson 4 on the website.

Lesson 7 - Journey Inside 4 - Read the information and watch the video.  What makes a brain of a human different from the brain of a computer?

Submit all your answers at one time.