6th Grade General Music

Course Outline


Mrs. Gagliardi


Class Rules:


1.      Be to Class on time

2.      Remain in your seat; Raise your hand to be recognized

3.      Come prepared for class with your Music Binder and a Pen or Pencil

4.      Give an Honest Effort every day.

5.      Follow Teacher Directives





1.      Name on the Board=Warning

2.      Name on the Board    =Student/Teacher Conference/Lunch Detention

3.      Name on the Board     =Parent/Teacher Phone Conference/Lunch Detention

4.      Severe=Remove From Class



Required Materials:


1.      Music Binder-to hold your materials.  This Binder is for MUSIC ONLY.

2.      Pen/Pencils/Highlighter-will be used in class

3.      Blank Paper/Notebook Paper-to be kept in your folder



Grades will be based on the following criteria:


1.  Class Participation                                       Quiz/Test:  30%

2.  Class Work                                                 Participation:  60%

3.  Homework                                                  Homework:  10%

4.      Quizzes and Tests

5.      Projects


Units We Will Be Studying:


1.      Notes and Rests

2.      American Composers

3.      Songs To Sing

4.      Percussion Fun

5.      Music of the Medieval and Renaissance Periods

6.   Star Spangled Facts

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