Use the powerpoint to answer the following questions:

To answer the questions, copy and paste the questions to a word document and type your answers on the Word document and then print your results to submit them for a grade.

Parts of a Newsletter

Using the examples of a newsletter powerpoint answer the following questions:

  1. How many newsletter examples have a date on them?

  2. Which newsletter example has a pull-out quote?

  3. How many newsletter examples have some form of table of contents?

  4. Which newsletter example uses continuation heads? What are the continuation heads that were used?

  5. Example 3, what is something that could be placed on a master page for this newsletter?

  6. Identify 3 InDesign Techniques used in the design of Example 4 newsletter.

  1. Example 6, what are the two different column setups used in the newsletter?

  1. Which newsletter examples use a byline?

  1. Which nameplate do you like best? Explain why you like this one?

  1. What do you notice about the headlines on each newsletter examples in regards to font type?

  1. Pick one newsletter (can not be Example 4) and identify 5 different creative techniques that were used on it to make it an attractive newsletter.

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